Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OSEHRA's New Software Available

Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent (OSEHRA), a nonprofit organization working to accelerate healthcare IT, has made Janus 4.0 software available. Janus 4.0 is an open source web-based application that gives clinicians a common real-time view of patient information from multiple EHR systems available from both VA and DOD so that clinicians are able to see the information in one integrated view. The Hawaii Resource Group LLC developed Janus 4.0 and provided the open source license for the software.

Janus originated as part of a DOD/VA interoperability program launched by the Pacific Telehealth & Technology Hui and was also supported by the Pacific Joint Information Technology Center both formed by Senator Daniel K. Inouye from Hawaii.

The Department of Veterans Affairs and DOD have deployed the Janus user interface at the VA Pacific Islands Health Care System, Tripler Army Medical Center and clinics at the James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, a joint medical facility in North Chicago.

“Enabling broad access to innovative clinician-facing applications is critical to the evolution of EHR technology,” said Dr. Seong Ki Mun, CEO of OSEHRA. “Making Janus available to the open source community is an important part of that effort.”

For more information, email Seong K. Mun, PhD, President and CEO, OSEHRA at munsk@osehra.org or call (571) 858-3205.