Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ATA's Fall Forum Almost Here

The ATA Fall Forum to be held September 10-11, 2012 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans will keep you up to date on what is around the corner for telemedicine and healthcare. The Fall Forum will enable you to prepare for the future of telemedicine and remote healthcare technology. The speakers will explain business and clinical trends in the industry and highlight opportunities for new market segments and services.

Some of the issues to be addressed include:

·        The changing face of telemedicine and how to outsource clinical services and make telehealth an integral part of your business strategy
·        Using telemedicine in the fight against re-hospitalization
·        Using telemedicine as a tool for international development and disaster relief
·        Creating the best mHealth apps and services by bringing together the 6 “Players” in the mHealth ecosystem
·        Discussions on the Opportunities created by the ACA and by other Federal and State legislation
·        Discussions on legal issues of a start-up telehealth company
·        Ways to integrate social media into clinical healthcare services to improve outcomes

To see the full program schedule and register, go to http://www.atafallforum.org/.