Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pennsylvania Issues RFI

Pennsylvania has at least ten organizations offering or planning to develop an HIE within and beyond the state.  Of the ten, some are planning regional efforts serving several county areas while three are planning statewide coverage. There is little overlap either in standards adopted or the technology vendors used.

The PA eHealth Collaborative (eHCO) plans to provide a network of networks, with a proposed overarching HIE-Network governing entity to provide a thin layer of Community Shared Services (CSS).  The objective is to provide a number of services on a centralized basis to make possible for each participant in the HIE-Network to have proper access to health information.

The eHCO is seeking a Request for Information (RFI) to use to eventually develop a document to procure CSS implementation to support the statewide HIE-Network. The goal is to procure components such as an Authoritative Participant Services Directory, Record Locator Services, Patient Consent Services, Public Health Index Service, plus other components.

The HIE-Network will adhere to federal standards for exchange and will connect entities offering HIE services, integrated health systems, community hospitals, providers, laboratories, and other systems that have patient data needed to make treatment and transitions care decisions.
Go to for more information. The RFI is due July 9, 2012.  For more details, email Kay Shaffer at or call (717) 214-2274.