Tuesday, September 4, 2012

App Brings Human Anatomy to Life

The hip bone is connected to the knee bone, but now you can see them both up close and personal on your iPad. Healthline Networks just announced that Healthline Body Maps for the iPad, a 3D interactive visual learning tool has been released to help medical students, doctors, and consumers understand the human body like never before.

Many Patients find it difficult to ask their doctors questions during office visits due to time constraints and also nerves can contribute to forgetfulness. With BodyMaps, patients from small children to elderly patients can literally tell their doctor where it hurts.

An estimated 44 million people serve as caregivers to individuals with medical conditions like Alzheimer’s heart disease, and vision loss. Bringing BodyMaps with an iPad to a doctor’s visit can help caregivers as well as patients. 

So for example, if you have a question for the doctor, bring your iPad to the office instead of that stack of printouts from the web. If you want to know what happens to a knee affected by osteoarthritis, or how appendicitis affects the abdomen, BodyMaps will help. Users on their iPads can drill down into anatomical structures from the skin through the layers of muscles down to the organs and bones and view illustrated videos in Retina Display detail.

BodyMaps was created by Healthline and GE Healthymagination in partnership with Visible Productions, the company that provides video plus animations for the Dr. Oz show. The result is the most vividly detailed, interactive model of the human body to date with app features including anatomical structures for common specialties such as orthopedics, cardiology, and neurology.

“BodyMaps can be used as a teaching tool for nurses, healthcare, and body workers, and even for high school and elementary students’ first learning anatomy. It’s a great patient education tool for ancillary staff in the physician’s office,” said Gloria Horns, RN, JD, longtime nurse educator and well-known patient advocate from UCSF. “Visuals make Body Maps the perfect tool for short teachable moments and the markup along with the email function can be ideal for subsequent patient reference at home. Medical professionals can also use the tool with patients in a hospital setting.”

“BodyMaps for iPads brings human anatomy to life for everyone,” said West Shell III, Chairman and CEO of Healthline Networks. “The exceptionally high quality imagery combined with our industry-leading health search technology, simple navigation, and compelling content makes it a powerful learning tool—one that grows with users as they increase their knowledge levels over time.”

This app is available in the iTunes app store and features Retina Display anatomy models of both sexes. For more information and details, go to www.healthline.com.