Wednesday, September 19, 2012

JHU's Partnering Opportunities

The Technology Transfer program at Johns Hopkins University is offering several partnering opportunities. JHU has developed a novel way to easily obtain multichannel ECG readings for remote monitoring and diagnosis of cardiac disease and is looking for partners to develop and commercialize the technology as a portable multichannel ECG system.

Multichannel ECG recording offers an advantage over normal ECG in that it is more detailed and presents more precise diagnostics by utilizing more sensing electrodes. Currently, there is no simple method for obtaining multichannel ECG readings in a remote setting such as in an ambulance. Additionally, the device has the ability to store data and to transfer the data wirelessly and is especially suited to diagnose arrhythmia and ischemia. For more information on the Portable Multichannel ECG Device (JHU Ref: C11755), email Heather Bakalyar at  

JHU is also looking to partner to further develop a “Personal Remote Network PC Control Device” (JHU Ref: C10651) a wireless device that will authenticate a user on a PC and launch predefined applications on the PC to enable a busy physician to quickly access a nearby workstation.

This invention would enable the busy physician in the clinic to immediately access the nearby PC without sitting down and logging in by just using a few device clicks while doing other tasks. The invention helps to solve problems faced in a shared-computer environment, and provides the user with wireless access to selected network applications. For more information, email Eugene Yelden at