Monday, October 8, 2012

Commercializing Technology

 NIH is ready with their “Niche Assessment Program” to help SBIR/STTR Phase I awardees that were funded in fiscal years 2012 and 2013. All active awardees by grant or contract as well as those small businesses selected to receive a Phase I award in the first three months of the upcoming fiscal year are eligible to participate.

The Niche Assessment Program” is appropriate for developing clinical products such as devices, drugs, biologics and therapeutics as well as developing software, educational, and multi-media behavioral science products.

This program can help “Jump-start” a company’s commercialization efforts by providing the market insight and data to strategically position the technology in the marketplace. The program also assists companies with their commercialization plans for Phase II applications, and also by introducing small businesses to potential partners.

This assistance will be provided by Foresight Science & Technology using their “Technology Niche Analysis® (TNA) the company will develop an in-depth report for each SBIR/STTR awardee. The company will select markets appropriate for each SBIR technology and develop an in-depth report.

The first step for Foresight will be to identify feasible applications of the technology. Sometimes several onon-obvious uses are found and secondary applications may provide a path to market that is faster than the primary biomedical use.

Secondly, foresight will analyze the selected use of the technology to determine the end-user needs, current and emerging competing technologies, market dynamics, socio-economic trends and market drivers, and also quantify the market size and the participant’s possible share.

The third step for Foresight is to recommend a market entry strategy. This strategy includes how to market the technology to end-users, how to obtain outside partners, and also determine revenues for the technology. Thought will be given to likely lead customers, testing centers, suppliers, manufacturers, and/or other relevant organizations interested in participating in the downstream research as beta testers or concurrent engineering advisors are identified.

To validate the analyses and recommendations, Foresight will identify and qualify companies or funding agencies that might be interested in becoming commercialization partners. Follow-up communication with these potential partners will be the responsibility of the small business.

One hundred twenty five slots are available and will be filled on a first come first served basis. All 125 reports will be completed between November 2012 and March 2013.  Go to to view the program notice (NOT-OD-12-146).

For general information on the Niche Assessment Program email Robert Vinson at For specific information email Konstantin Izvolsky, PhD at