Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MAeHC Launches State HIE

The Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC) participated in the official launch on October 16th of the statewide healthcare information exchange, known as the Massachusetts Health Information Highway (HIway). Governor Deval Patrick executed the exchange’s first transaction, transmitting his own health record between two hospitals on opposite ends of the Commonwealth.

Also, as part of the event dubbed the “Golden Spike”, MAeHC successfully received a health record from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) into its Quality Data Center (QDC), a hosted clinical quality measurement and reporting solution. “We are thrilled that the QDC was able to demonstrate the Massachusetts HIway’s ability to securely send a standardized patient medical record”, said Micky Tripathi, CEO for MAeHC.

Upon receiving the BIDMC patient record, MAeHC’s QDC extracted the clinical data elements of the transmitted medical record and prepared it for future analysis and reporting. The medical record belongs to Kathy Halamka, co-owner at Unity Farm, and wife of BIDMC CIO John D. Halamka M.D. The record is stored in a high-performance cloud-based patient records data warehouse which is vendor-agnostic, federally certified, and able to securely support the growing number of quality reporting requirements providers face today.

“The BIDMC-MAeHC transaction during the Golden Spike event was a great demonstration of the Commonwealth’s new HIE infrastructure as well as the QDC’s capabilities,” said Halamka. “Now with streamlined access to the QDC, BIDMC’s reporting will be even faster and more accurate than ever before. MAeHC’s QDC has historically been one of the most trusted resources for BIDMC and reliable and safe enough for my wife’s EHR to be the first transmitted through the HIway.”

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