Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sharing Info in a Disaster

The Southeast Regional HIT-HIE Collaboration (SERCH) project on “HIE in Disaster Preparedness and Response” has developed a strategic plan to share health information data among the Southeast and Gulf States during and following declared natural disasters.

The SERCH team findings indicate that a mix of HIE models are being deployed and that little or no cross-state exchange of electronic health information is currently taking place. The projected volume of clinical data available for exchange depends on rates of health IT adoption and participation in statewide HIEs.

The project team identified a three-phrase plan for providing access to data during a regional disaster. Phase 2 to last from July to December 2012is scheduled to:

  • Increase the use of NwHIN Direct and integrate the NwHIN Direct standard with other secure messaging platforms
  • Integrate provider directories for physician discovery across states
  • Improve capabilities of State HIE Networks
  • Evaluate, develop, and deploy data access services
 Phase 3 to take place January 2013 to 2014 expects State HIE services to mature and replace some of the interim strategies deployed in earlier phases. NwHIN Direct and EHR-based applications will continue to be used as State HIEs integrates healthcare data more completely. Also, fully functioning State HIEs are expected to be deployed, cross state identification of patients will be implemented, and the need for data access services will be evaluated.