Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DOD & VA Sharing Images

The “Health Artifact and Image Management Solution” (HAIMS) team working with DOD and the VA has made it possible for the agencies to share healthcare images and artifacts. Since October 31st, HAIMS has enabled 2,738 images and artifacts to be shared through the interface.

Release I enabled the HAIMS to provide a web-enabled enterprise document management and image sharing solution enabling users to view radiographs, clinical photographs, electrocardiographs, waveforms, audio files, videos, and scanned documents.

In the coming months the HAIMS will enable 6,000 additional users to have access to the application through the AHLTA clinical workflow embedded mode. Additional capabilities will include the availability of bulk scanning which will allow the HAIMS to migrate data from disparate external repositories.

HAIMS will be able to interface with other external repositories such as the Theater Image Repository to enable Theater images to be available globally. Also, HAIMS will interface with Patient Administration Systems and Biostatistics to provide outpatient and inpatient scanned medical records generated during the Theater healthcare delivery process. In addition the system will interface with the Health Readiness Record to provide medical records for Army Reserve Component personnel.

Source: “The Beat” December 2012 newsletter available from the Defense Health Information Management System (DHIMS) at