Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vermont Seeks RFPs

The Office of Purchasing and Contracting for the State of Vermont on behalf of the Agency of Human Services (AHS) is soliciting bids from vendors for fixed price proposals. The RFP released November 16th requests responses for the “Design, Development, Implementation, and Maintenance of a Health and Human Services Integrated Eligibility (IE) Solution”.

Currently, the State of Vermont’s AHS uses an IE solution known as ACCESS to process eligibility for most of its healthcare and human services programs. Also, ACCESS is used to process and manage benefit issuance for Medicaid and for a number of non-healthcare programs.

The envisioned new IE Solution will need to integrate all in-scope programs from ACCESS. The planned IE Solution will replace ACCESS with a modern flexible system capable of managing integrated eligibility business processes for Medicaid programs and for all the non-healthcare programs currently supported by the legacy ACCESS system.

The new IE Solution will need to integrate the current MMIS, plus the new MMIS solution that AHS is planning to acquire in the next few years, and continue in the foreseeable future to process Child Support Enforcement services. The IE Solution will also need to provide citizens, state workers, and external service providers with robust and secure access to information and functionality.

Proposals are due January 2, 2013 with the contract scheduled to be awarded March 1, 2013. All communications for information on this RFP are to be addressed to the Purchasing Agent, John McIntyre, at