Saturday, December 15, 2012

Texas Issues RFP

The State of Texas through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) wants to work with HIEs. The goal is to help local HIEs with planning, funding, and implementation by having HIEs bid on HHSC grant funding. HHSC posted the RFP No. (529-13-0009 on November 27, 2012 looking for applicants to submit proposals for the state’s “Health Information Exchange Infrastructure Development Initiative”.

The State is seeking solutions that will provide but are not limited to chronic disease surveillance, state immunization registry reporting, electronic lab reporting, developing prescription drug program, monitoring interoperability, and facilitating communication between providers and independent and/or hospital laboratories.

The HHSC oversees and coordinates the planning and delivery of health and human service programs in Texas and oversees all of the Texas HHS agencies.  Under contract with HHSC, the Texas Health Services Authority (THSA) developed the Texas HIE Strategic and Operational plan.

One item in the approved Strategic and Operational plan requires HHSC and THSA to develop a grant program to provide partial funding for the planning, implementation and operations of local HIE initiatives and networks.

As a result, in 2010, HHSC started the initial procurement process and identified several local HIEs that qualified for planning funds under the grant program. After the completion of the local HIE planning period in 2011, twelve HIEs from around the state amended contracts with HHSC to implement their local HIE plans. The existing contracts for the local HIE Grant Program are anticipated to continue through the end of 2013.  

HHSC’s reason for this procurement is to locate a pool of eligible and qualified HIE organizations capable to bid on HHSC grant projects. Possible projects may support partnerships between one or more HIEs and support one or more outside organizations to develop policies, procedures, technical specifications, and other tools necessary to address HIE priorities.

Applicants are eligible for this RFP if their organization is receiving implementation funds under the Local health Information Exchange Grant Program. Also, other organizations that are providing HIE services to practitioners and providers in Texas communities will be considered.

Proposal responses are due January 8, 2013 with the anticipated contract to start on February 8, 2013. Any contract resulting from the RFP is subject to the availability of state and federal funds. As of now, HHSC anticipates that budgeted funds will be available to reasonably fulfill the project requirements.

To view the RFP, go to The point of contract for information is Richard Blincoe, HHSC at (512) 206-5468 or email