Sunday, February 8, 2009

AHRQ Raises Contract Amount

AHRQ on January 6th issued a solicitation for multiple IDIQ/Task Order contracts to do individual Task Orders. The contracts are going to be awarded to support the AHRQ National Resource Center for Health Information Technology. On February 6th, AHRQ announced that the ceiling amount for all contracts including options will now be to $300 million instead of the previously stated $75 million.

Individual ceiling amounts will be established for each contract award under the following domain areas:

  • Support for Health IT Program Management Guidance, Assessment, and Planning—The contractor needs to manage complex projects, demonstrate organizational structure and capabilities to meet project milestones, plus manage resources and cost expenditures
  • Health IT Technical Assistance, Content Development, Program Related Projects and Studies—The contractor must be able to manage collaborative efforts among government, academic, and other public and private organizations, develop health IT tools and products, perform health IT research and development, and be able to implement the projects and studies
  • Health IT Dissemination, Communication, and Marketing—The contractor must be able to communicate and market AHRQ and other federal health IT research and project results to reach the most appropriate target audiences
  • Health IT Portal Infrastructure Management and Website Design and Usability Support—The contractor must be able to manage and operate web sites and collaborative portals, establish knowledge management databases, and perform web site usability studies

In addition, AHRQ has extended the due date for proposals to February 26, 2009. For more information, go to to see the original solicitation posted on January 6th. The solicitation Number is AHRQ-2009-10003. The primary point of contact is Sharon L. Williams, Contracting Officer at or phone 301-427-1781.