Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DOD STTR Solicitation Pre-Released

The Army and Navy are inviting small business firms and research institutions to jointly submit proposals under solicitation (DOD 2009.A STTR) for the Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) program. The STTR program makes awards to small business concerns to do cooperative research and development jointly with a research institution. An average award is up to $100,000.

Small businesses can work with research institutions, contractor-operated federally funded research and development centers, and universities. The goal is to work together as a team to move ideas from the research institution to the marketplace to foster high tech economic development and to address the technological needs of the armed forces.

STTR which is modeled substantially on the SBIR program is a separate program and financed separately. The key is that proposals not only need to address innovative concepts that will help solve problems but proposals need to show that the technology has a high potential for commercialization in the private sector.

Some of the Army topics listed on under Quick Scan are:

  • (A09A- T004)—The objective is to develop a technology to effectively treat drug resistance and eliminate bacteria, including those embedded in biofilms during natural infections, and also on implanted medical devices
  • (A09A- T025)—The research needs to find ways to develop a reliable, non-invasive set of tests that can measure changes in motor and/or sensory cranial nerve function to improve the discrimination between mild TBI and PTSD diagnosis. The assessment items should be contained in a container approximately the size of a laptop computer case since the tests may need to be administered outside of the physicians or office or clinic
  • (A09A-T027)—To develop an advanced decision support medical monitor driven by algorithms to provide real-time processing of physiologic signals to detect hemorrhagic shock during transport
  • (A09A-T028)--To develop specific telesurgical multisensory/multimodal interfaces to enable the surgeon to interact with tissues when performing robotic surgery. Potentially, a telesurgeon using a modular M/MIR system will be able to interface with different manufacturers and robots to perform procedures on patients located in multiple locations

The solicitation was issued on January 27, 2009 for pre-release. To see the solicitation, go to DOD will begin accepting proposals on February 24, 2009 and the deadline is March 25, 2009. Small businesses submitting a proposal must be registered at since all proposals must be submitted through the web site.

Many states have established programs to provide help and services to small firms and individuals participating in the Federal SBIR/STTR program. For more information, go to

The help desk is available at or by telephone at 866-724-7457.
All previous awards can be searched at