Monday, February 16, 2009

RFQ and Contract News

CMS is looking for an expert consultant to provide oversight and evaluation services that will help monitor home health agencies and hospice providers. The individual needs a combination of experience working with home health and hospice regulations from a CMS survey as well be able to help develop policy and implement plans that will help the agency make needed revisions to the survey.

Specifically, the consultant will need to provide technical consultations, do an analysis of present policy, assist in the development of new policy, and participate in teleconferences with the project officer. The consultant will also review, analyze, and provide written comments on documents related to the home health and hospice survey process, participate in training activities, participate in teleconferences, and attend CMS sponsored meetings.

The request (221-9-306602-RAW) was posted on February 12, 2009, with the response data of February 27, 2009. The primary contact is Renee A Wallace-Abney, 410-786-5128, or

John Snow Inc. was awarded a contract from HRSA’s Bureau of Health Professions to revise and consolidate the rules by which federal shortage area designations are evaluated. In the decades since these rules have been created, these designations have determined nearly every component of the federal health care safety net system. The designations are of interest to all stakeholders in the federal safety net system.

This project follows two prior attempts to revise the rules over the past 10 years, both of which resulted in resistance from the stakeholders. JSI staff will work with the Bureau of Health Professions and a panel of national experts in healthcare access to create revisions to the current rules.

For more information, go to or contact Eric Turer, Project Director, at 603-573-3300.