Monday, February 16, 2009

Innovative Display Developed

Kent State University has developed new innovative data display technology to help doctors improve their ability to evaluate medical images that are commonly used. This patent-pending technology allowing for interactive viewing of large image data sets from virtually any medical imaging device has led to a licensing agreement with Northeast-Ohio based Standing Rock Imaging, LLC.

Dr. Robert Clements, Senior Research Scientist and Dr. James Blank, Professor and Chairperson, Department of Biological Sciences developed the technology. “We believe the system can move rapidly into a clinical setting and significantly improve the ability of physicians to make diagnoses from a variety of imaging techniques”, said Blank.

He continued to say “Our approach enables the physician to rapidly and efficiently study hundreds of images at once by turning the data into a 3-D object that appears to float in midair.
The technology will allow for manipulation of the volume rendered object in real-time, giving physicians the ability to add and remove data, as well as to instantly view internal structures not otherwise visible.”

Gregory Wilson, Associate Vice President for Economic Development and Strategic Partnerships, said “The license agreement is the first novel imaging system to be licensed from the university. Standing Rock Imaging will maintain a presence in Northeast Ohio, and plans to employ residents of the region to further develop and produce the technology.

For more information, contact John O. Krusinski, CEO and President of Standing Rock Imaging at 330-325-0086, or email or James Blank at