Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Awards for Nursing Innovation

With emerging mobile technologies, tens of thousands of clinical applications have been downloaded onto iPhones, the BlackBerry, other smart phones, and tablets. Whether incorporated into an organization’s information system or work independently, these applications provide valuable tools for clinicians worldwide.

Nursing applications with mobile devices cover the fields of patient education and communications. The devices help clinicians collaborate, provide for telehealth and mentoring, mApps are used for clinical applications in hospitals, plus mobile devices are valuable to use for long-term care.

Clinical tool applications include drug databases, medical calculators, reference programs, decision support tools, tracking vitals, patient history access, management and documentation, and payer tools. “The use of clinical apps on mobile communication and computing devices is a quiet revolution”, says C. Peter Waegemann, Vice President of mHealth Initiative. “We want to bring attention to this paradigm shift in health informatics with the support of Brandman University and their nursing program.”

mHealth Initiative in conjunction with Brandman University’s School of Nursing and Health Professions, have announced that the 2010 Awards for “Nursing Innovation using Mobile Technology in Clinical Practice” are now open to receive applications. Applicants are encouraged to complete a simple online submission form to be announced at the 2nd mHealth Conference to be held in San Diego September 8-9, 2010.

“We particularly want to recognize the adoption of mobile apps in nursing as this important component of healthcare is often overlooked,” noted Claudia Tessier, President of mHealth Inititative.

For more information, email either Claudia Tessier at or C. Peter Waegemann, at or call (617) 642-0010.