Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moving to the Cloud

The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board created by ARRA announced that is moving to the cloud. Cloud Computing is a new model for delivering computing resources such as networks, servers, storage, or software applications. Simply, Cloud Computing is a way for users to access computing power from a pool of shared resources. is the first government-wide system to move to the cloud. The move is part of the Administration’s overall effort to cut waste and fix or end government programs that don’t work. By migrating to the public cloud, the Recovery board will have the ability to keep the site up as millions of Americans help report potential fraud, waste, and abuse. The Board expects to save about $750,000 during its current budget cycle and develop significantly more savings in the long term.

In April, HHS leveraged cloud computing to support the implementation of EHR systems. To support the effort, HHS is working with The use of cloud computing will support HHS’s Regional Extension Centers to help doctors and rural hospitals in the selection and implementation of EHRs.