Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pre-Solicitation Notice Issued

AHRQ issued a pre-solicitation notice for proposals that will be shortly requested for their “Academic Detailing Initiative”. AHRQ anticipates releasing the solicitation fifteen days after the date of this pre-solicitation which was released on April 28, 2010.

AHRQ’s plan for the “Academic Detailing Initiative” is to contract with an organization with the capabilities to select target audiences that are able to put AHRQ’s comparative effectiveness products, tools, and research into practice. The contractor will need to be able to build relationships with clinician groups and organizations that should or need to use comparative effectiveness reports to make decisions.

The contractor over three years will build relationships in such a way that will not only encourage these groups and organizations to use comparative effectiveness research products but it also means that they will be willing to seek out these products even after the contract ends.

The results of the contract will enable AHRQ to understand the impact of the academic detailing process, how partnerships develop, the expected outcomes that can be expected during the different phases of the project, and what methods used were the most effective to foster impact.

Five complementary but separate contracts will be awarded. Four of the contracts will work with organizations to create awareness of comparative effectiveness research with the need to change clinician behavior. The fifth the Evaluation Contractor will evaluate the impact of the other four contracts.

Go to or email Randy S. Allison, or call (301) 427-1460, for more information.