Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tech to Help Disabled

Minnesota’s Department of Human Services in their Disability Service Division is looking for ways to help people with disabilities of all ages use technology in order to stay in their own homes 24/7. The state plans to minimize costs while using technology to provide people with the right amount of service in the most independent setting possible.

The Request for Proposals published May 17th seeks qualified grantees to provide consultation, evaluation, and information so that lead agencies will be up-to-date on the use of technology that can help people with disabilities of all ages continue to live in their own homes. Regional and/or statewide organizations are needed to advise the lead agencies.

Some of the examples of what is needed include:

• Automatic reminders to use to perform daily living tasks
• Environmental controls such as door and appliance controls and sensors
• Cost effective monitory systems such as emergency alert systems, sensors, cameras, and medical monitoring
• A database of knowledge on technologies that can be used to support the project

Proposals are due June 9, 2010 with $975,000 to be awarded in fiscal years 2010 and 2011.
Go to to download the RFP. For more information, email Kelsey Neumann, Disability Services Division, at