Sunday, April 29, 2012

Harris Awarded IT Contract

Harris Corporation has been awarded a multi-year $80.3 million contract by the VA’s Technology Acquisition Center to help integrate EHRs for the VA and DOD. The company will develop the system’s key Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) to be released in early 2014. The SOA Suite contract was awarded to Harris as part of the VA’s Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology (T4) contract aimed at streamlining VA operations.

The VA and DOD have several disparate healthcare information systems including VistA, CHCS, and AHLTA as well as two hundred local data centers. Under this award, Harris will provide a single architecture and joint execution strategy for the two agencies.

The SOA suite will serve as the standard platform to migrate legacy systems, applications, and sharing capabilities. Harris will deploy a common federated middleware as a secure, virtualized, intelligent infrastructure allowing best-of-breed “Cloud First” services for all members of the DOD and VA healthcare systems. Harris plans to work with DOD and VA to develop a demonstration site by September 2012, full site deployment slated for August 2013, and full SOA release by early 2014.

The VA/DOD EHR project promotes health information sharing across the full spectrum of military service from active to retired service duty,” said Jim Traficant, President of Harris Healthcare Solutions. “It will enhance the health status of millions of service members whose move from military healthcare to the VA or from one VA facility to another sometimes involves waits and duplicate diagnostic testing. The SOA Suite architecture will create an enabling platform for unprecedented integration and communications to ensure a continuum of care across a service member’s lifetime.”

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