Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just a Few Weeks to 2012 ATA

Integrating telemedicine technology within the hospital and clinical environment could make the difference between success and failure in the coming months. Use telemedicine to create your competitive advantage and increase your market share. For this reason, whether you are a novice or expert you will want to go to the 17th Annual ATA 2012 International Meeting & Exposition from April 29 to May 1st in San Jose, California.

Top global thought leaders and visionaries will deliver their insight on how telemedicine technologies are reshaping healthcare and technology and what steps to take to achieve an advantage over others in this competitive field.

Keynote speakers leading the discussion include:

• Steve Wozniak Co-Founder Apple Computer, Inventor of the World’s First Personal Computer, Cult Icon & Self-Confessed Computer Geek

• Bernard A. Harris, Jr., M.D., MBA, President ATA, President and CEO Vesalius Ventures

• James “Butch” Rosser, MD, FACS, Professor of Surgery, Morehouse School of Medicine

• Stuart Ferguson, PhD., President Elect ATA, Chief Information Officer, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

• Ed Brown M.D., Vice President ATA, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Telemedicine Network

Everyone wants to gain a competitive edge. Clinics and hospitals are looking for a competitive edge over the health provider down the street and want to reduce their cost of doing business—not tomorrow but right now. Businesses are looking to lower the cost of insurance plans and ways to keep workers with chronic diseases healthy and on the job.

Smart marketers know they have an edge when they are able to showcase clinical tools using technology to cut costs without cutting services. ATA 2012 will enable attendees to network with 4500 clinicians, researchers, administrators, entrepreneurs, IT specialists, engineers, and companies eager to find out how to obtain these results.

The ATA 2012 Premier Peer-Reviewed Telehealth Educational Program will be based on the latest research and presentations will relate to specialty areas within the telemedicine field. This year, the educational program has been built around 5 macro focus areas such as Business, Finance & Economics, Model Programs & Best Practices, Scientific Research, Outcomes & Evidence, Innovative Applications, and Public Policy.

Just a sample of the not-to-miss critical and informative sessions that will address:

• Global Telemedicine Issues
• Rural Hospitals and Tele ICUs
• Mobile Health Innovation for Disease Management
• Integrating Home Collected Data into the VA EMR System
• Telemental issues facing the General and Military Population
• The State of Mobile Apps
• Using Innovative Telemedicine in Military Settings
• How Medicare –Medicaid Applications apply to Telemedicine
• How Emergency & Trauma Care can better use Telemedicine

At this important venue, ATA 2012 will hold the world’s largest Telehealth Exhibition. The ATA Expo Hall will house the biggest tradeshow ever held in this field anticipated to be over 20 percent larger than last year. Attendees can see and handle thousands of the latest telemedicine technologies from over 250 product and service vendors.

It’s a premier opportunity to sell at Telemedicine’s Biggest Show with over 5,000 attendees with 66 percent qualified as buyers or influencers with over 250 companies exhibiting. To look at the Expo Hall Map showing available space, go to To reserve exhibitor space contact Sandy Hung, Director for Corporate Relations ATA at 202-223-4249 or cell at 202-341-7501 or email

Be sure to get a jumpstart on ATA 2012 by attending the Pre-Meeting Professional Development Certificate Courses starting April 28th focusing on an array of administrative clinical and all of the technical aspects of telemedicine.

To register and see the ATA 2012 schedule in detail, go to