Sunday, March 14, 2010

$20,000 Grant Opportunity

Genetic Alliance is offering one grant for $20,000 to be awarded to a single or multi-group organization or consortium to go towards funding entry into the Genetic Alliance BioBank. The BioBank is an advocacy-owned and controlled repository for biological samples and clinical data. The goal is to help a disease-specific organizations further expand their understanding and treatment of diseases using resources available through the BioBank.

According to Sharon Terry, President and CEO of Genetic Alliance and President of the BioBank, the establishment of well characterized cohorts to stand ready for clinical trials is essential for all diseases. We are working with many partners to transform the paradigm for drug development. Disease-specific organizations are critical trust communities and excellent conveners of these cohorts and it is important to give them tools to create registries and biorepositories to provide for treatment development.

All non-profit, disease-specific organizations are eligible to apply for the $20,000 grant. Multiple organizations focused on a single condition, gene, or disease pathway may also apply together. To qualify, applicants must complete an application, demonstrate the ability to financially maintain the registry, attend at least one Genetic Alliance hosted Registry and Repository Boot Camp in person or virtually, create or update a Disease InfoSearch listing, plus upload resources into the Resource Repository.

Eligible organization must submit applications by May 1, 2010 and the grant awardee will be announced at the 2010 Genetic Alliance Annual Conference “Advancing Novel Partnerships to be held July 15-18 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center.

For more information, or to fill out a grant application, or to register for the Conference, go to For more details, contact, Liz Horn at 202-966-5557x105 or email