Sunday, March 28, 2010

Diversinet Advancing Secure mHealth

Dr. Wendy Graham, the lead physician along with other members of the Blue Sky Family Health Team in North Bay Ontario is actively conducting the Mihealth pilot project. This pilot powered by Diversinet, is a mobile health solution to give patients secure, 24/7 access to all their vital medical information on their mobile phones.

The Blue Sky Family Health Team is now able to serve more patients at lower costs, help patients more actively manage their health and wellness, help patients enter, retrieve, and update medical records.

The Mihealth Pilot uses Diversinet’s Health Application built on their MobiSecure® Wallet and Vault technology. This specific technology has advanced personalization tools such as over the air branding and new mobile software development kits and enables patients to create and update personal health records (PHR). The records contain summaries of the patient’s healthcare information, data on upcoming and previous appointments, the names of the treating physicians, and laboratory reports.

Both the patients and physicians participating in the Mihealth pilot are seeing benefits. The patients like being able to access personal health information anytime, anywhere and as a result, they become more involved in their healthcare and wellness. Physicians have to spend less time on unnecessary office visits, see increased patient compliance, and see fewer medical errors,

The pilot program illustrates how successfully patients can have 24/7 access to records in a secure manner. More than 100 patients are currently using the application which can run on more than 200 kinds of mobile devices. The pilot of the Mihealth system has been extended because of the positive response to linking patients, physicians, and clinical workers.

Plans are for Diversinet to provide Bluetooth® connectivity to medical diagnostic devices through MobiSecure Wallet and Vault and they expect to release this product in the second half of this year to enable even more additional medical information to be collected

Today, people are being helped enormously via the use of smartphones and mobile phones to improve patient care. The number of mobile phone subscriptions worldwide has reached 4.6 billion. In addition, with the arrival of iPhones and similar products, consumers expect more real-time information at their fingertips. However, at the same time, security issues can be a hurdle and could possibly hinder the adoption of the technology.

To meet this problem, Diversinet has a new product called MobiSecure® SMS to enable healthcare providers to exchange sensitive information instantly with patients via any mobile device in a secure environment. This product is targeted for telemedicine and provider case/disease management. More than $80 million has been invested in MobiSecure technology platform over the last 23 years and this has resulted in a significant patent portfolio.

The key to MobiSecure SMS is the mobile handset that secures communication via any wireless mobile device from the mobile operator or service provider. Encryption and strong authentication provides security for both one and two way messages meeting regulatory and privacy requirements. A remote access wipe capability enables users to erase sensitive data in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen.

“Our mobile expertise puts the company in a position to meet the growing demand for secure application solutions in the healthcare industry, according to Albert Wahbe, Diversinet’s Chairman and CEO. Given government and industry mandates to move to a more efficient and effective electronic system of healthcare information management, we believe this is the ideal time to focus our solutions on healthcare providers, payers, and patients.”

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