Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grant Applications Available

The USDA’s Rural Utilities Service just announced the Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) grant program application window for FY 2010 is now open. Funding for FY 2010 is $30,255,000 with the maximum grant to be $500,000 and the minimum grant to be $50,000. So far there is no budget authorization for the DLT combination loan/ grant or loan programs. If and when funds are appropriated, the information will be announced in the Federal Register.

RUS administers the DLT program to promote and modernize telecommunication services in rural America. DLT specifically funds projects that deliver critically needed education medical services by providing interactive educational training over distances. These sites link to rural hospitals, medical clinics, medical centers, and experts, by providing clinical interactive video consultations.

To be eligible for a grant your organization must:

• Deliver or propose to deliver distance learning or telemedicine services for the term of the grant. The DLT program is focused on sustainability. Planning studies, research projects, and short-term demonstration projects in place less than the life of the award for three years will not be considered

• Be an incorporated organization or partnership, an Indian tribe or tribal organization, a state or local unit of government, a consortium or a private corporation organized for profit or on a not-for-profit basis

• Operate a rural community facility or deliver distance learning or telemedicine services to residents in rural areas

Applications must be submitted by or on May 18, 2010. For more information, email or call (202) 720-0413. To download the Application Guide including the toolkit go to