Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spectrum Dashboard Launched

The FCC has released the “beta” of their Spectrum Dashboard to enable users to review how spectrum bands are allocated and used but also to identify license holders in specific areas. The initial version released today in plain language provides information on the frequencies between 225 MHz and 3.7 GHz which is the range of spectrum potentially usable for mobile broadband.

The Spectrum Dashboard was released in conjunction with the release of the “National Broadband Plan,” as another resource for stakeholders who want to participate in the deployment of wireless broadband in the nation. The Dashboard is intended to be a one-stop shopping portal for licensing information and combines information that is currently available on a number of separate electronic databases and filing systems.

The Dashboard is able to produce maps of spectrum licenses and show a geographic service area for individual licenses or show the total amount of spectrum licensed within a service area on a county-by-county basis. Users can also access raw licensing data in a format to allow for easy import into spreadsheets and other software is available to do a more detailed analysis.

Plans are to update the Spectrum Dashboard monthly and the FCC is making every effort to keep improving and updating the tool. The agency is seeking comments on what types of information or features to include in the Spectrum Dashboard.

To access the Dashboard, go to On-line support is available from the “eSupport” tool at or from the help lines at (877)-480-3201.