Wednesday, March 10, 2010

High Speed Network Coming

Pennsylvania’s Bucknell University is going to serve as a hub for a high performance statewide broadband network. The network will make it possible for data intense research and global collaboration to be accomplished by universities and healthcare researchers across the state while connecting underserved communities to high speed internet.

The Keystone Initiative for Network-Based Education and Research (KINBER) a coalition of Pennsylvania colleges and universities, research and healthcare organizations, and economic development entities, have received more than $99 million from NTIA as part of the Recovery Act with an additional $29 million in private investment to construct and manage the Pennsylvania Research and Education Network (PennREN).

When completed, the fiber optic cable network will cover nearly 1,700 miles pass through 39 Pennsylvania counties, including 22 that are currently not served or underserved based on their access to affordable broadband services. At the same time, the network will serve more than 5 million individuals in more than 2 million homes and serve 200,000 businesses and greatly increase service to last mile providers across the Commonwealth. This network will be the largest network funded by NTIA.