Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Health Technology Reports Available

Two updated and revised reports for 2011 have just been released by Bloch Consulting Group describing Federal government activities in telemedicine, telehealth, eHealth, health technology and related areas. “Activities in Telemedicine Telehealth and Health Technology” (2011 edition) includes information on 24 cabinet level and independent federal agencies. The other updated report for 2011 “Selling to HHS” helps individuals and companies navigate within all of the relevant programs at HHS.

“Today, we’re seeing new programs funded by the stimulus play a pivotal role in health information technology development plus we’re seeing how the healthcare reform legislation is going to impact health technology,” according to Editor Carolyn Bloch. “In fact, with the additional funding plus agency appropriations, many agency programs that were previously underfunded are now up and running.”

The 250 page edition of the “Activities in Telemedicine Telehealth and Health Technology (2011) report describes how agencies are organized along with many ongoing activities relevant to the field. The report points out numerous grant and contract programs that can give individuals and industry new ideas for further business development.

The newly updated version of the 45 page report “Selling to HHS” specifically helps individuals and companies market their technology products and services, secure grants, and locate good possibilities for funding. This report is included free with all orders for the 2011 Federal Activities report.

The reports are available as digital downloads in PDF format. More information is available at the Bloch Consulting Group web site at