Monday, January 17, 2011

HP to Create Texas MHIE

On January 12th, HP announced a 52 month services agreement with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to create a statewide Medicaid Health Information Exchange. The contract valued at $30 million includes an electronic health history system for all Medicaid clients. It will also replace current paper-based Medicaid identification cards with plastic magnetic stripe cards for automated eligibility verification.

Under the agreement, HP will provide web-based tools to streamline provider interaction and increase access to health information. Additionally, the updated system will aid the Commission in its efforts to improve prescription services which will provide Medicaid recipients with improved access to their health information. The system is going to be powered by InterComponentWare’s eHealth Framework.

Specific enhancements include:

• Permanent ID cards—Monthly distributed individual paper Medicaid ID cards will be replaced with permanent plastic cards for more than 3 million Medicaid recipients
• Provider web portal—The system will enable 70,000 Medicaid providers to have access to Medicaid recipients health histories via a secure electronic health information exchange network
• E-prescribing—Providers will have access to a web-based e-prescribing tool allowing doctors to send electronic prescriptions directly to the patients pharmacies
• Recipient care web portal—A website will be developed for recipients to securely access their personal health information and check program eligibility

“States need to improve health outcomes and enable better access to healthcare records,” said Susan Arthur, Vice President, U.S Healthcare, HP Enterprise Services. “With more than four decades of industry-leading experience, HP will provide the cost-effective healthcare solutions Texans need.”

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