Monday, January 17, 2011

HRSA Releases FOA

On January 12th, HRSA’s Office of Rural Health Policy released the “Delta Health Initiative Cooperative Agreement” a Funding Opportunities Announcement (FOA). The funds will go to help an alliance of providers address longstanding unmet rural health needs in the Delta Region in Mississippi. The residents greatly need access to healthcare, health education, research, job training, and capital improvements.

The goal for the Delta Health Initiative is to help improve the health of the people as the Delta region is notable for its poor disease profile, high rate of heart attacks and strokes, as well as other life-threatening conditions. According to the Dreyfus Health Foundation, Delta poverty levels are significantly higher than national averages and access to basic healthcare is also a major problem in the region with nearly one in five Mississippians lacking health insurance.

Previously, HRSA’s Office of Rural Health Policy funded a 5 year Cooperative Agreement for $24.75 million in 2006, and $23 million in FY 2008. The grantees are working with 10 partners on projects aimed at improving chronic disease management, health education, and wellness promotion. The grantees are also working to improve access to healthcare services, develop HIT in the region, develop workforce training, initiate care coordination, and construct health facilities. The consortium proposed 24 projects, and devised communication and coordination systems among themselves.

To be eligible for the FOA, an organization must be a non-Federal, not-for-profit alliance, and consist of no fewer than four academic institutions committed to addressing the healthcare needs of the Delta region. The Alliance must include both the State Medical Association and the State Hospital Association, an academic health center, a minimum of two regional universities, a school of nursing, and have a relationship with a strong economic development entity. The alliance must have at least three years experience working with the FQHCs and local health departments.

The application deadline is March 15, 2011 with the projected award date to be July 01, 2011.
The cooperative agreement will provide funding for fiscal years 2011-2015 with approximately $34,000,000 expected to be available annually to fund one awardee. Funding is dependent on the availability of appropriated funds for the Delta Health Initiative.

For more information go, to or email Bridget Ware at or call (301) 443-3822.