Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cal eConnect Issues RFA

Cal eConnect has issued a Request for Applications (RFA) to implement Health Information Exchange (HIE) standards and protocols developed by the Federal “Direct Project”. The funding is made possible by the California Healthcare Foundation.

To meet the need to find a simpler way for providers to securely transmit patient information, the HHS Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) developed the “Direct Project” The project’s plan is to find a standards-based way for providers to send patient health information directly to known trusted recipients over the internet at a relatively low cost.

The development phase is complete and now ONC is initiating pilot projects to determine the overall viability of these simpler technologies and test specific priority information exchange scenarios. The exchange of information will also test specific scenarios of laboratory data exchange, care summary exchange, and public health reporting. The results will help develop Cal eConnect’s Core Services and help the ongoing development of standards and protocols by the Office of the National Coordinator.

The applications are due on February 18, 2011. Total funding for this program is $300,000 with a maximum award amount per grant of $100,000 with the project to be funded for six months.

Non-profits (501c3 and 501c4) organizations including HIE organizations, provider organizations, health plans, local government agencies or municipalities, and other community-based organizations are eligible to apply.

Go to for more details. For questions email Rebecca Kriz, RN, Program Specialist, or call (510) 978-4844.