Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DOD Seeks Research Projects

On January 24th, DOD issued grant notice “DOD FY 13 Forward Surgical and En Route Care” (W81XWH-13-CCCJPC6-FSERC) with estimated funding of $17,000,000. DOD seeks research technologies that will improve outcomes for their Combat Casualty Care Research Program. TATRC is administering the application process for this Cooperative Agreement Grant Notice and the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity will be negotiating all resulting awards.

This FY 13 funding notice is interested in three priority areas related to en route care:

·        Impact of movement environment on patient physiology—Optimal casualty management to deal with possible organ system effects during patient movement, impact of the environment on the patient, hypoxic and hypobaric effects, determining oxygen requirements for patients at 8,000-17,000 feet in an unpressurized aircraft, initiating life saving interventions, and how to prevent hypothermia during pre-transport and transport of the  patient

·        Non-Invasive Methods for Patient Monitoring During Transport—Decision support tools for life-saving interventions, patient medical monitoring, recording and reporting in-transit and during patient stabilization and treatment, and simultaneous and remote monitoring of multiple patients

·        Development of en route care clinical practice guidelines and treatment protocols—To be based on all levels of care and transport methods

The Combat Care program is in need of targeted research on:

  • Novel methods to employ endovascular techniques without the need for radiographic imaging and the expanded use of intravascular ultrasound or other guiding devices to allow fluoroscopy-free rapid positioning of endovascular devices in emergency settings

  • Development of new endovascular techniques and devices such as sheaths, balloons, stents, and coils to control hemorrhage, that can serve as a life-sustaining resuscitation adjunct and/or definitively treat the causative vascular injury
Eligible applicants can be independent investigators at any academic level from government, academia, research institutions, industry, and private foundations.

The Pre-application submission deadline is February 25, 2012, full application March 18, 2013, and the full application submission deadline is May 6, 2013.

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