Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vendor Day 2013 Coming

Vendor Day 2013 is a cooperative venture recently announced by the military service medical logistics agencies located at Fort Detrick in Frederick Maryland. Vendor Day 2013 is a series of dates that have been set aside for industry to exhibit medical equipment and supplies to multiple service organizations at one time.

The purpose of the event is to help the services and their medical logistics agencies find products and technologies that may be applicable to an austere medical environment. Support is needed for medical units located on land, ships, and in challenging environmental conditions with possible extreme temperature ranges.

The agencies involved include:

  • Defense Medical Materiel Program Office (DMMPO)
  • Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA)
  • Naval Medical Logistics Command (NAVMEDLOGCOM)
  • Air Force Medical Evaluation Support Activity (AFMESA)
  • Air Force Medical Logistics Office (AFMLO)
  • Marine Corp Systems Command
Vendor days for 2013 will occur March 07, April 10, May 08, June 12, August 14, September 10, October 09 and November 13. Vendor days will take place at the Defense Medical Logistics Center located at 693 Neiman Street at Fort Detrick Maryland.

For general questions, email and for questions on registering, email For more information, go to