Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Expanding Telehealth Markets

REKA Health Pte Ltd., a Singapore based provider of mobile health technology products and services has opened their U.S. headquarters in the biotech hub of San Diego. Production is being ramped up as REKA Health Inc. prepares to sell telehealth solutions to facilitate remote health monitoring into the U.S. market.

The company exhibited their FDA-cleared E100 cardiac event monitor and cloud platform at the mHealth Summit held in the D.C. area in December. The monitor enables patients who experience transient symptoms suggestive of cardiac arrhythmia to record and store events as they occur using either the standard or integrated platinum thumb electrodes. The user is able to transmit their information on their events to the clinician for diagnosis.

For maximum convenience, users can use the pocket-sized E100 on the go and after recording an ECG, the user simply needs to connect the E100 to a mobile device such as the iPhone or iPad and use the supporting application to upload the ECG reading to the cloud platform.  

The company has also established a foothold in Turkey and partnered with Teletip, the country’s leading provider of telemedicine health services. REKA has also partnered with GSM operator Avea Telecom to launch the first fully integrated GSM healthcare protection system. Marketed under the brand of DRCELL, the EKINOKS system is specifically designed for patients to use in the home and features the E100 ECG event recorder.

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