Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Team to Provide Telemonitoring

Primary Partners, LLC, a physician owned and managed Accountable Care Organization has entered into a partnership agreement with AMC Health, a provider of telemonitoring solutions. The goal is to improve care coordination and outcomes for patients with chronic conditions.

Under the agreement, AMC Health will provide telemonitoring services to help care for Primary Partners’ patients with heart failure, diabetes, COPD, and other chronic illnesses. The telemonitoring services will enable Primary Partners to eliminate gaps in care that can occur after patients are discharged from a hospital.

AMC Health will provide a post-hospital discharge remote monitoring program and tailored disease-specific telmonitoring programs employing biometric devices such as blood pressure and glucose monitors and scales that automatically transmit readings for analysis so Primary Partner physicians. This enables the physicians to intervene before a patient requires a trip to the emergency department of to have to be hospitalized.

To help keep patients on track and encourage them to make healthy behavior changes, AMC Health will also offer customized coaching that aligns with patient’s specific circumstances, as well as installation, training, and repair for in-home monitoring devices.

According to Cara Jakob, M.D, one of Primary Partner’s founding physicians also serves as the Clinical Integration Director and Chairman of the Board, “We selected AMC Health because their telehealth solutions are patient-centered and scalable. This gives us the ability to tailor care management programs that best meet the individual needs of our high-risk patients who benefit from this extra level of monitoring.”