Sunday, March 6, 2011

CDC Issues FOAs

As part of CDC’s efforts to address emerging infectious diseases, provider-based emerging infections sentinel networks were established to monitor and evaluate conditions not covered by health department surveillance or likely to be seen by specific kinds of health providers.

Currently three provider-based networks are in place to help infectious disease specialists, the emergency department-based network of academically affiliated emergency departments, plus provide a global surveillance network to help travel medicine clinics. These sentinel networks receive funding through the “Emerging Infections Sentinel Network” (EISN) program.

The purpose for CDC grant opportunity (CDC-RFA-CK11-1102) announced on March 1, 2011 with the closing date of April 18th, is to help the awardees that have received funding to operate the provider-based sentinel networks be better able to not only monitor a variety of infectious disease problems, but also to use the funding and expertise to help network members and the public health community communicate with more effectively with each other. The estimated program funding for this program is $4,500,000.

CDC also released information on another grant opportunity (CDC-RFA-DD11-1102) March 1, 2011 with the closing date of April 1, 2011 to establish the “National Public Health Practice and Information Center on Paralysis”. The grantee will maintain and expand a national information center by using various forms of communication such as social media, telephone, a website, email, internet training modules and videos, webinars, monographs, plus the plan is to develop a Paralysis Resource Guide.

The Center will help to disseminate information to policy makers, to the service, advocacy, and academic communities, and in addition, provide information to support people with paralysis and their families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. The award funding is estimated to be $6,610,000.

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