Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Licensing Opportunity at NIH

The Office of Technology Transfer at NIH is seeking licensing and development possibilities for a “Handheld Hematoma Detector”. The handheld detector has improved capabilities to accurately diagnose hematoma and can be used either in an emergency room or at the scene of an accident. The device is inexpensive, simple in its design, and easy to operate.

The device has several applications:

• Enables the doctor or EMT to diagnose hematoma for patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries resulting in a better treatments
• Can be used to discriminate between subdural and epidural hematoma
• Can be used to analyze data
• Can determine which tissue is healthy from tissue that contains blood
• Capable of providing on-going patient monitoring
• Helpful in preparing for neurosurgical procedures
• Useful in combat critical care or third world care where CT is not readily available
• Useful if deployed in the battlefield

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) is interested in collaborative research or interested in parties available to commercialize the invention. The invention is fully developed but a prototype may need to be developed for testing.
The inventor is Jason D. Riley at NICHD. For licensing information on the “Handheld Hematoma Detector” Reference No. 2231, email Michael Shmilovich Esq. at or call (301 435-5019.