Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HP Receives Medicaid Contract

HP Enterprise Services just announced a five year, $176 million services agreement with the Nevada Division of Health Care Financing and Policy to strengthen Medicaid operations within the state and to position the state for healthcare reform. The new agreement calls for HP to become Nevada’s Medicaid fiscal agent and upgrade and manage the state’s Medicaid Management Information System.

The agency is responsible for Medicaid benefits for almost 300,000 Nevada residents and processes about 12 million Medicaid claims per year. HP administers $95 billion in benefits a year but also serves as fiscal agent or principal IT provider to 21 other Medicaid programs.

HP will process medical and pharmacy claims as well as review and process prior authorization requests. In addition, HP will assist the Medicaid program in connecting healthcare providers with critical health information.

To address the issue of fraud, the company will help the state in detecting potential fraud and abuse cases while at the same time improve the efficiency of claims processing. HP has plans to add new decision-support systems and services to enable better decision-making through more accurate and up-to-date information.

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