Sunday, September 11, 2011

Army Releases RFS

TATRC as part of the U.S Army Medical Department (AMEDD) released their AMEDD Advanced Medical Technology Initiative (AAMTI) “Request for Submissions”(RFS) seeking FY 2012 pre-proposals. Basically, the RFS includes specific areas of interest and needs and describes the Army’s specific plans for their science and technology programs.

Only members that are part of AAMTI are eligible to apply for the funding but collaborations with industry, academia, and other military services are permitted. However, the Principle Investigator must be part of AMEDD personnel and the funding must go to an AMEDD facility or command.

For FY 2012 the following areas are of particular interest:

• Tele-Surgical applications to include real-time surgical consultations from theatre, using telementoring in theatre surgeries, and providing consultation and telementoring between AMEDD medical facilities

• Technologies that address medical issues associated with TBI/PTSD particularly as they relate to screening, diagnostics, and protection

• Development of technologies to improve education for both patients and providers

• Development of applications involving cell phones and other technologies to deliver care, monitor patients, and provide patients with information

• The integration of clinical functionality into AHLTA

• Technologies to support and enable medical care to remote and underserved populations within the AMEDD

• Technologies that reduce the administrative burden associated with the provision of care in the AMEDD

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