Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Several Technologies Featured

The U.S. Navy is looking to commercialize via patent licensing an acoustic electronic stethoscope that can selectively amplify sounds of medical importance while suppressing environmental background noise.

This device has several other benefits such as the device can deliver clean electronic output for telemetry, provide archival storage and acoustically-based diagnostic analysis, easy to operate, and competitive in cost to other competing devices.

The Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory in Groton, Connecticut developed the device which uses a combination of structural and electronic components to maximize the signal to noise ratio. The stethoscope is complete with a novel diaphragm containing dual piezoelectric sensor elements with opposing polarity.

The electronic stethoscope has been ruggedized for a U.S. Marine Corps field test and has been tested by the Navy on the HSV-2 Swift, a high speed wave piercing catamaran by U.S. Navy medical staff. Interested companies may review additional technical and performance details from the laboratory or receive a demonstration of the technology.

The patent number for “Noise Rejecting Electronic Stethoscope” is (2008/0137876) and available for licensing. For more information, email Laurel Halfpap at lhalfpap@montana.edu or call (406) 994-2051.

The Army seeks to commercialize a web-based system for electronically storing and disseminating dental records and images between generalists and specialists to render a diagnosis or to determine a treatment plan. The major benefit for the system is that it crates electronic records for consultations.

The web-based communication technology can be used to create and transfer dental consult records including images along with diagnosis and treatment records, and helps the referring provider and specialist to communicate. An image manipulation routing enables the consulting dentist to zoom in and out, invert, rotate, flip, and change the contrast and brightness of images. The teledentistry consult system enables expert consultation to theater-based dentists and soldiers.

The patent “Teledentisry Consult Management System and Method” filed by the Army (No. 20030078806) and the software code are available for commercial licensing. For more information, email Dan Swanson at dss@montana.edu or call (406) 994-7736.