Sunday, September 11, 2011

NIH Seeks mHealth Tools

NIH’s National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) issued Funding Opportunity Announcement (PA-11-330) on September 2, 2011. NIH’s objective is to stimulate research using Mobile Health (mHealth) tools to improve patient-provider communication and to help patients manage chronic diseases in underserved populations.

With the rapid expansion of cellular networks and substantial advancements in smart phone technologies, it is only logical, possible, and affordable to transmit patient data digitally from remote areas to specialists in urban areas and receive real-time feedback. Using mHealth tools will help provide treatment reminders, feedback on patients and their progress, help treat chronic diseases, and improve health outcomes.

Eligible organizations include higher education institutions, non-profits, for-profits, government entities, and others such as independent school districts, Native American Tribal Organizations, faith-based, community-based, and regional organizations.

Two additional companion FOAs were also announced on September 2, 2011 that includes (PA-11-331) as part of the Small Grant Program and (PA-11-332) as part of the Exploratory Developmental Research Grant Award program.

For more information, go to to view the FOA titled “mHealth Tools to Promote Effective Patient-Provider Communication Adherence to Treatment and Self Management of Chronic Diseases in Underserved Populations”.

For the companion FOA (PA-11-331) part of the Small Grant Program, go to and for the Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award, go to