Sunday, December 11, 2011

Connecticut Calling for Pilots

Connecticut’s Department of Public Health seeks pilot sites to participate in the early development of the Connecticut Health Information Technology and Exchange (HITE-CT). The plan is to find healthcare provider organizations capable of developing early deployment sites to help refine the HITE-CT. The funding request seeks pilot participants from a variety of hospitals and from both large group practices small group practices.

Priority awards will be made to organizations that can offer real-world interoperability use-cases and to stakeholders that will build out the HIE. Also needed is expertise on testing and deploying new and emerging health information technologies including standards in use by HITE-CT.

The candidates for the pilot sites must be able to help the HITE-CT establish and test production connections, review operational workflow options and processes, review and refine security and privacy protections, provide feedback to HITE-CT, develop and test clinical use cases, and provide input to the Exchange on standard operating procedures.

Go to for more information. Proposals need to be submitted by December 21, 2011. For questions, email Lori Reed-Fourquet at