Wednesday, December 14, 2011

RFP Seeks Proposals in D.C Area

Quality Health Foundation (QHF), the mission arm of Quality Health Strategies (QHS), seeks applications for their 2012-2013 grants from organizations in Maryland and the District of Columbia. QHS subsidiaries Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care and Delmarva Foundation of the District of Columbia located in the area are quality improvement organizations for CMS. The main objective is to help underserved and vulnerable populations in the region.

Over the last three years, the Foundation has awarded $700,000 to 20 organizations and in 2011, $392,438 was awarded to twelve organizations in Maryland and D.C. QHF will award grants totaling $400,000 to eligible organizations that can demonstrate improved healthcare delivery, quality, and measurable outcomes from a consumer perspective.

This year grants for up to $50,000 will go to faith-based groups, healthcare providers, educational institutions, community-based non-government organizations plus other organizations and individuals

Specifically, the projects should increase healthy lifestyles and quality of life, increase access to culturally and linguistically appropriate care, implement consumer-centered care and decision-making, improve disseminate health-related information, and improve patient safety.

Applications are available at and will be accepted through January 18, 2012 with awards to be announced June 2012.