Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HRSA Announces Demo

HRSA has posted the funding announcement for the “Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) Newborn Screening Demonstration Program”. The demonstration will increase the number of newborns screened for CCHD prior to discharge from newborn nurseries by using validated screening protocols plus the demonstration will also improve the state newborn screening infrastructure. The plan is to create or build upon the state’s infrastructure to collect and use information from various hospitals within a HIE for the detection of CCHD and related patient follow-up and outcomes.

The funding announcement seeks to:

• Help state, local public health agencies, and hospitals provide screening and counseling and then link the results of CCHD screening to obtain needed follow-up healthcare services. Also perform the necessary quality assurance, outcomes analysis, and other public health surveillance functions

• Provide healthcare professionals and newborn screening program personnel with education in newborn screening and training in relevant new technologies for critical congenital heart disease

• Develop and deliver education programs on critical congenital heart disease, newborn screening, counseling, testing, follow-up treatments, and specialty services to parents, families, and patient advocacy and support groups

• Establish, maintain and operate a system to coordinate and assess screening programs and follow-up relating to critical congenital heart disease

If funding is available this program expects to provide funding during FY 2012 to 2014. About $2.1 million is expected to be available annually to fund up to seven grantees. Applicants may apply for a ceiling amount up to $300,000 per year.

Eligible applicants can include states or a consortium of two or more states, a territory, a health facility or program operated in connection with a contract or grant from the Indian Health Service, or any other entity with expertise in newborn screening.

The application deadline is January 17, 2012. For more information go to or email Debi Sarkar at or call (301) 443-0959.