Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Qualcomm Announces Spin-Off

Qualcomm in spinning off Qualcomm Life has launched the 2net ™ Platform to help medical device companies overcome some of the challenges experienced with wireless implementation. Qualcomm’s announcement was made at the 2011 mHealth Summit “Shaping the Future of Mobile Health” just concluding at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center.

Qualcomm’s Life’s 2net Platform and Hub are designed to interconnect wireless medical devices via cloud-based solutions so that biometric information is easily accessible by device users, by healthcare providers, and caregivers and able to transfer, store, convert, and display medical device data.

“Qualcomm Life’s 2net Platform will be able to provide a direct wireless connection within every home,” stated Richard Strobridge, Chief Executive Officer of Entra Health Systems. “Integration with the 2net ecosystem will open up new markets for MYGlucoHealth wireless blood glucose meter and diabetes management system within senior care, home health care, and help in assisted living facilities where there may be limited access to wireless technology.

Additionally, Qualcomm has formed a $100 million Qualcomm Life Fund managed by Qualcomm Ventures to accelerate wireless health technologies and services. The Fund will specifically focus on wireless health business initiatives that will help accelerate 2net Platform adoption and the adoption of other wireless health initiatives.

Qualcomm Ventures has already invested in five wireless health companies that includes Sotera Wireless, Telcare, AliveCor, Cambridge Temperature Concepts and WorkSmart Labs and now these companies are part of the fund.

Areas of specific interest to the Qualcomm Life fund range from personal wellness to disease management and include:

• Biosensors or devices for vertically focused applications like chronic disease care, medication compliance, and fitness or wellness

• Integrated system providers that provide remote diagnosis or monitoring or specialize in independent living

• Software health IT applications

• Health related informatics/analytics

To watch a video explaining the 2net Platform, go to