Saturday, December 17, 2011

DOD's Private Sector Opportunity

The National Defense Authorization Act (FY 10) Public Law 111-84 authorizes DOD to establish a pilot program for the Temporary Exchange of IT Personnel or referred to as the “Information Technology Exchange Program” (ITEP) pilot. The pilot enables DOD to enhance the IT and cybersecurity competencies of employees from the DOD civilian IT workforce or from their peers in the private sector. The program enables private sector employees to come on board to learn more about defense IT programs and initiatives and to share business best practices and expertise. Areas of interest include cloud computing, cybersecurity, IT consolidation, network services, IT project management, data management, and enterprise architecture.

Private sector participants may complete 3 to 12 month details at DOD with salary costs paid by their private sector employers. Since this is a pilot, participation is limited to 10 individuals enrolled in the program at any given time. At least 20 percent of the ITEP pilot participants must be from small businesses.

For more information, go to The Office of the DOD CIO Management Services serves as the DOD ITEP Pilot Program Administrator. Requests to take part in the program should be submitted to